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I'm Elizabeth! 21. NY/PA.

Help me, I’m holding on for dear life. 

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"The most important thing you need to know is the vision…The vision is better endings. The vision is the restoration of broken families and broken relationships. The vision is people finding life, finding freedom, and finding love. The vision is breaking cycles and making changes. The vision is the possibility that better days are ahead. The vision is that we know we’re loved more than we’ll ever know. The vision is hope and that hope is real."
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It’s hard for me
To love myself
Because I alone
Have spent
So many days
Just tallying
Each one of my
Many imperfections.

I’m trying.
I’m giving it
Inside of me
To make me
Like me
Just a little bit.

It’s not easy.
I think it’ll be worth it.
Self-love is worth it…

Or so I’m told.

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Never forget 3 types of people in your life:

Who helped you in your difficult times.

Who left you in your difficult times.

Who put you in difficult times.

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"Everything seems to be exhausting me, no matter how much sleep or how much coffee I drink or how long I lie down, something inside me seems to have given up. My soul is tired."
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